MechRoyale is a multiplayer game built on the Polygon blockchain and powered by Tonic token.  Players earn token with real-world value through mining, battling, and breeding NFTs.


Player Vs. Environment

Section of the game where players can earn Tonic token by mining. Players can also breed, upgrade and repair Mechalors. In this section players cannot attack each other.

Player Vs. Player

Section of the game where players use their Mechalors to combat each other in multiplayer battles for Tonic. PVP gameplay can be either (i) Team Deathmatch or (ii) Battle Royale.

Player Vs. Machine

Section of the game where players confront the Mogultron. In the so-called Forbidden Zone, players battle AI-programmed mechs for higher rewards but also higher stakes.


Mine Valuable Tonium and Refine it into Tonic for Real World Value.

Mining is one of the core activities of the game and allows players to earn Tonium, which can be used to pay for upgrades, repairs, and admission fees at Battle Grounds.

To mine, players must take their Mechalor to a designated mining site, which can be found by accessing a an area map.  Upon entering a mine, players will play a Match Three-style mini-game where they must try to successfully match three Tonium objects in a row (i.e.  Jewel Quest, Candy Crush, etc.) Each time three Tonium objects are matched, it will add a single Tonium token to their inventory.

Earned Tonium can be refined into Tonic tokens at any Refinery and used in the game or traded at any Trading Outpost or external DEX exchanges. 

Mine & Refine Tonium

Mine for Tonium by playing Match 3-style mini-games and refine into Tonic.

Use, Trade, Sell Tonic

Tonium can be used for in-game purchases or traded as Tonic tokens.


Enter Battle Grounds and Defeat Other Mechalors for Token and Glory.

Visit Battle Grounds to put your fighting skills to the test as you battle other Mechalor contenders for a chance to win the prize pot of Tonic tokens.  Whether you're on a team in a Team Deathmatch game, or going solo in a Battle Royale match, your objective is to use your weapons, special abilities, and skills to attack and defeat other Mechalor contenders.  Keep an eye on your health bar, as depleted points will impact your performance. 

Suffered damage? No problem, just visit a Repair Station and get fixed up for your next challenge or attain sufficient working order to continue your mining efforts. Perhaps a visit to an Enhancement Facility is needed for some advantageous upgrades. All upgrades remain with your Mechalor and increase its value.

For the brave few, venture out into the Forbidden Zone for greater profit potential, but be warned -- there you will encounter the Mogultrons.  These behemoth mechs are a force to be reckoned with as they wield their destructive force upon those who enter the Zone.

Win Battles & Earn Tokens

Battle and defeat contenders and take home prizes of Tonic tokens.

Repair & Upgrade NFTs

Add new guns, more power, and speed or just repair damage from battles.


Enhance your Gameplay and Increase Asset Value by Breeding Your NFTs.

In the Fusion Bays, players will use their earned Tonic to instigate the fusion process for breeding their NFTs. 

Resulting offspring will inherit some of the appearance, characteristics, and capabilities from the parents. This includes certain Mechalor traits, accent colors, but not special abilities from the Alpha Prime Edition.

New Mechalor offspring will be an additional, independent NFT and owned by the same player who fused the other two. You can play them in the game, trade them on a marketplace like OpenSea, or just hold on to them as a store of value.

Breed & Create New NFTs

Breed any two Mechalor NFTs and produce a third, unique offspring NFT.

Play, Collect & Trade

Play it in the game, hold as an asset, or trade on marketplaces like OpenSea.